Salt Water Chlorinator

•  Bipolar self cleaning cell 
•  Economical 
•  User friendly 
£0 GBP
  • Eliminate sore skin and eyes
  • Doesn't bleach hair or bathing suits
  • Puts an end to traditional chlorine taste and smell
  • 'Set & Forget' - Just activate the system and set the desired chlorine level
  • The salt iodine helps sun-tanning
  • Bipolar self cleaning cell, 30% longer electrode life
  • 60% less electrical consumption than other leading chlorinators
Elecro salt water chlorinators are high performance salt chlorination systems that allow you to enjoy crystal-clear pool water without the use of harsh chemicals. It is the healthiest, economical and efficient system for pool water treatment.

Economical - No more buying costly chemicals: Elecro salt water chlorination systems mean that as chemical prices rise you remain unaffected, saving over 90% on traditional chemically treated pools.

User friendly - Reduces the amount of effort involved in maintaining your pool water, allowing you to enjoy sparkling, sanitised water in your pool.
Feature SM20 SM30
Pool size 0 > 100m³ (100,000-litres)  101 > 170m³ (170,000-litres)
Maximum flow rate 27m³ per hour (27,000-litres) 27m³ per hour (27,000-litres)
Maximum operating pressure 480 kpa 480 kpa
Cell housing pressure drop 5 kpa 5 kpa
Chlorine production per hour 22 grams per hour 33 grams per hour
Equivalent in granulated chlorine 30g 45g
Equivalent in liquid chlorine 220 ml 330 ml
Voltage output 25 VDC 25 VDC
Current output (Amp) 4.7 6.9
Type of electrode Bipolar Bipolar
Dimensions of cell housing 25.5 x 12.2 cm 25.5 x 12.2 cm
Recommended salt level 4 >35 gr/l 4 > 35 gr/l
Cell cassette material Luran Luran
Cell plate material Titanium Titanium
Cell expected life span 16,000 Hours 16,000 Hours
Power consumption 190 Watt 300 Watt
Q - How much salt is required?

A - The ideal salt content is between 4,000 and 5,000ppm (parts per million) This relates to 4 to 5-kg of salt per 1000-litres of water, however if you wish to use sea water you can do so.

Q - Will it make my pool water the same as sea water?

A - No, far from it - sea water contains 35,000ppm (parts per million) of salt which is 7 times more than the salt level required.

Q - What type of salt should be used?

A - Use a food-grade, at least 99% pure, sodium chloride (salt). DO NOT USE ROCK SALT OR CALCIUM CHLORIDE! The preferred type of salt is most commonly available as a coarse grain water softener salt from builders murchants. This type of salt is easier to dissolve and has minimum impurity content thus avoiding staining potential to the pools surfaces.

Q - How long will the cell last?

A - The cell will last for approximately 16,000-Hours before it needs to be replaced. One of the longest lasting cells available on the market.

Q - Are the cells easy to replace?

A- Yes very easily replaced; the cell it self is connected via a single cable and connector unlike many of its rivals.