In-Line+ Swimming Pool Heater

  • Suitable for In-ground & Above Ground pools
  • Available in 3-kW ~ 24-kW 
  • Digital Control Thermostat & Water Temperature Display 
  • Priority Heating Feature
£0 GBP
  • Easy to install
  • Safe
  • Robust
  • Can be safely used on low and high flow-rate systems
  • Digital control for increased accuracy featuring ‘Priority Heating’ filtration pump control
  • ‘Straight Flow’ design for easy installation and lower pressure drop
  • Ultra-reliable digital flow signal
  • Corrosion resistant titanium heating elements
  • BS 316L Stainless steel flow tube EN (1.4432)
  • Available with Titanium flow tube for use with sea water
  • Ultra-reliable flow switch allows safe operation as low as 1,000 litres per hour
  • Floor or wall mountable
  • Safety thermal cut out (manual reset)
  • 3-year warranty
  • 100% operational efficiency throughout product life
The innovative design and cutting-edge technology of the Electro In-Line+ pool heater offers superior performance, accuracy and reliability.
All Elecro electric heaters feature our unique and proven coiled heating element technology whereby a turbulent vortex is created in the water flow. This delivers outstanding efficiency and extended life expectancy by preventing the build up of mineral deposits on the heating element.
The Elecro In-Line+ is an enhanced version of the tried and tested Elecro Evolution pool heater, offering all the proven benefits of the Evolution model with even greater accuracy using a digital control that features a ‘Priority Heating’ facility. This ensures the pool water temperature remains constant. When activated, the control system starts both the pool circulation pump and heating process if necessary.
Actual and required pool temperatures are displayed on a LCD screen. The heater is either wall or floor-mountable. The water inlet and outlet fittings can facilitate connection to either metric or imperial standard pipes. The inlet moulding has been designed to eliminate the risk of air locking.

Power supply 220~240V single phase or 3 phase
Flow requirements Minimum flow:
3-kW to 6-kW = 1m³/hour
9-kW to 24-kW = 4m³/hour
Maximum flow: 17m³/hour
Heating Elements Titanium. high MgO compaction
Flow tubes BS 316L Stainless Steel EN (1.4432) or Titanium
Control Thermostat 0~45°C (0.5°C differential)
Safety thermal cut out 55°C (manual reset)
Flow switch Gold tipped reed switch with titanium fulcrum pin
Wiring High temperature, silicone sheathed,
multi-strand copper conductors
Contactor Schneider Electric
Seals High temperature special formula EPDM
Water connections 1½" BSP female thread supplied with:
1½" / 50mm ABS unions for rigid pipe
1½" / 1¼" hose tails for flexible pipe
Working pressure 4 bar maximum
Mounting Floor or wall mounting
Standards compliance European Electromagnetic Compatibility directive
Harmonised Standards The European Low Voltage Directive and
The Harmonised Standard
220~240V Single Phase Power Output Load (Amp) Product code Dimension 'L' Wiring Diagram
3-kW 13 8T83D 462-mm View
4.5-kW 20 8T84D 462-mm View
6-kW 27 8T86D 462-mm View
9-kW 40 8T89D 462-mm View
12-kW 53 8T8AD 462-mm View
15-kW 66 8T8BD 592-mm View
18-kW 79 8T8CD 592-mm View
400V 3 Phase Power Output Load (Amp) Product Code Dimension 'L' Wiring
6-kW 9 8T36DV 592-mm View
9-kW 13 8T39DV 592-mm View
12-kW 18 8T3ADV 592-mm View
15-kW 22 8T3BD 592-mm View
18-kW 26 8T3CD 592-mm View
24 kW 35 8T3DD 592-mm View
230V 3 Phase Power Output Load (Amp)

Product code Dimension 'L' Wiring Diagram
6-kW 15 8T36D-DELTA 592-mm View
9-kW 23 8T39D-DELTA 592-mm View
12-kW 30 8T3AD-DELTA 592-mm View

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Date: Thu, 03 Sep 2015


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