Aquatic SST Shell & Coil Tube Heat Exchanger

  • 30 bar pressure tolerance (primary)
  • 4 Models from 36-kW to 95-kW
  • For residential and small commercial applications
  • Easy to install
  • High efficiency – titanium spiral coil is fully immersed in the secondary chamber fluid
  • Sea water compatible
  • Integral thermostat pocket
  • Floor or wall mountable
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The Elecro SST (Shell & Spiral Tube) is a titanium spiral tube heat exchanger with a rigid specially formulated shell that has a high pressure tolerance, and is the perfect solution to demanding applications with an affordable price tag.

Manufactured to the highest specification using the strongest and most durable materials and design, the construction guarantees a long corrosion-resistant life span. It also offers maximum efficiency with low filter pump loading, and a fully immersed heat transfer coil resulting in negligible thermal losses.

The bracket on the outer shell means you can mount the heat exchanger on the wall or floor in various orientations for ease of installation. The 30 bar primary pressure rating allows direct coupling to your boiler, heat pump, solar panel or various other heat sources. The SST Heat Exchanger is ideal for use on sea water systems.


Primary Spiral Tube Spirally Wound Pure Titanium
Secondary Flow Tube Corrosion-resistant, high temperature
polymer alloy
Water Connections Primary:
1" BSP Male (BS 316L Stainless Steel)
63-mm / 2" with reducer for  50mm / 1½"
Optional Equipped Kits Digital 0-45°C (0.5°C differential)
Equipped Kit Supplied With Primary Booster Pump, Flow Switch
and 1" female/female brass adapter.
High Pressure Tolerance
Sea / Salt water compatible
30-Bar (Primary)
4-Bar (Secondary)
Floor or wall mountable Yes
Standard Output Primary Flow (m³/h) Primary Head Loss (kPa) Secondary Flow (m³ Secondary Head Loss (kPa)
ΔT 50°C (kW)
ΔT 60°C (kW) ΔT 70°C (kW)
36-kW 1.1 7.8 12 5.1 29 36 41
50-kW 2.5 26.0 15 8.8 42 50 57
75-kW 2.7 51.2 18 13.7 51 64 75
95-kW 3.2 77.4 18 16.6 67 81 95
ΔT = Temperature difference between Primary and Secondary

To calculate BTU multiply kW x 3412
kW x 3412 = BTU Output

*See MODELS tab for dimensions A, B and C
Product Code Description Dimension 'A' Dimension 'B' Dimension 'C'
SST-36 36-kW SST Titanium Coil Heat Exchanger 290-mm 143-mm 478-mm
SST-50 50-kW SST Titanium Coil Heat Exchanger 386-mm 240-mm 574-mm
SST-75 75-kW SST Titanium Coil Heat Exchanger 530-mm 384-mm 718-mm
SST-95 95-kW SST Titanium Coil Heat Exchanger 674-mm 528-mm 862-mm
Horizontal Installation

Vertical Installation