Escalade Welded Heat Exchanger

  • Fully welded, corrosion-resistant Titanium              
  • High pressure tolerance                                        
  • Robust construction                                  
  • Available in 30-kW (102K BTU) ~ 75-kW (256K BTU)
  • Available with fully equipped Analogue or Digital control (optional) 
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  • High pressure tolerance
  • Fully welded, corrosion-resistant Titanium
  • High efficiency: primary spiral tube fully immersed in secondary chamber fluid
  • Easy to install
  • Robust construction
  • Floor or wall mountable
  • Three sizes available
  • Integral thermostat well
  • Designed for the most demanding chemical applications including sodium hyperchlorite
The Elecro “All Titanium” Escalade Welded Heat Exchanger is a spiral tube heat exchanger that has a high pressure tolerance, and is the perfect solution to the most demanding applications, including refrigerant circuits.

Manufactured to the highest specification using the strongest and most durable materials and design, the welded pure titanium construction guarantees a long corrosion-resistant life span. It also offers maximum efficiency with low filter pump loading, and a fully immersed heat transfer coil resulting in negligible thermal losses. 

The bracket on the outer shell means that you can mount the heat exchanger on the wall or floor in various orientations for ease of installation. The 30 bar primary pressure rating allows direct coupling to your boiler, heat pump, solar panel or various other heat sources. The Escalade Welded Heat Exchanger is ideal for use on systems where a salt water chlorinator is installed, or chemical dosing is used.

Fully equipped upgrades are available with the Escalade Welded Heat Exchanger and offer either analogue or digital thermostat controls for temperature accuracy and display. The equipped kits are easily fitted thanks to the controller housing attachment plate on the body of the heat exchanger.

Digital Kit
  • Digital control thermostat 0~45°C (0.5˚C differential)
  • Booster pump
  • Flow switch in T-piece
  • NTC temperature sensor
  • 1” female / female brass adapter
Analogue Kit
  • Analogue control thermostat 0~40°C (1˚C differential)
  • Booster pump
  • Flow switch in T-piece
  • 1” female / female brass adapter
Primary Tube Spirally Wound Pure Titanium
Shell Pure Titanium
Water connections Primary: 1" BSP male (brass fittings supplied) Secondary: 1.5" BSP female thread
Working pressure Primary circuit 30 bar and secondary circuit maximum 5 bar
Heat source Boiler / Heat Pump
Product Code Standard Power Output Dimension 'A' Dimension 'B' Dimension 'C'
WHE-30 30-kW / 102K BTU 382-mm 467-mm 262-mm
WHE-40 40-kW / 136K BTU 430-mm 515-mm 310-mm
WHE-75 75-kW / 256K BTU 674-mm 759-mm 554-mm
Standard Power Output Primary (HOT) Flow (m³/h) Primary (HOT) Head Loss (kPa) Secondary (POOL) Flow (m³/h) Secondary (POOL) Head Loss (kPa) ΔT 50ºC (kW) ΔT 60ºC (kW) ΔT 70ºC (kW)
30-kW 1.1 9.7 15 11.7 26 30 34
40-kW 2.4 23 19 16.1 34 37 40
75-kW 3 52 21 17.8 54 64 75