Thermecro Solar Pool & Spa Heater

  • Unrivalled design for pools and spas
  • The most efficient way of harvesting the sun’s energy 
  • Absorbs 92% of radiation that strikes the collector 
  • Delivers heat regardless of ambient air temperature 
  • Will heat your pool even on cold, cloudy winter days
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  • Specifically designed for pools and spas
  • Evacuated, cylindrical tubes using patented technology to absorb direct, diffused and reflected light and retain heat
  • Extremely effective; harvesting 92% of available solar energy
  • Eco friendly solution: zero CO² emissions
  • Significant savings on energy bills
  • Simple installation; easily retro fitted to any existing system
  • Supplied with pipe work installation kit and easy to use controller
  • Space saving, compact design ensures maximum output
  • From the smallest possible footprint
  • Adjustable frame allows for the optimum angle of inclination to the sun
  • Low maintenance
  • Compared to existing solar products, Thermecro is highly efficient at retaining heat ensuring minimal heat loss to provide ultimate efficiency
  • Effective in summer or winter, rain or shine
  • Plumbed directly to the pool filtration system: no heat exchanger or storage cylinder required

Designed and manufactured using top quality components and materials at the Elecro works in Hertfordshire, England, the unique Solar Radiation Heater saves you money, is flexible, adjustable, easy to maintain and easy to install. It also takes up less space than traditional solar heating products making it ideal for pools and spas.
This innovative system, using vacuumed tube collectors, can capture both direct and diffuse radiation, and its adjustable aluminium frame allows it to be precisely angled towards the sun – making it extremely effective at harvesting up to 92% of available solar energy.
The solar collector comprises 16, 32 or 48 (standard set) evacuated tubes laid closely together to achieve a maximum energy yield from the smallest possible footprint. Each vacuum tube is secured using a spring plunger, making it very easy to assemble on site with no tools required. (Tools required for assembly of the frame are provided).


The sophisticated technology and specialist construction of the Solar Radiation Pool & Spa Heater means it is not reliant on outside air temperature or direct sunlight, unlike more traditional competitor products. It’s reliable – whatever the weather.
The Solar Heater comes supplied with a pool / spa filtration interface that allows simple retro-fitting to existing pipe work, as well as its own protective cover - to prevent excess solar energy should the water become too hot.
Evacuated Radiation Collector Tubes Material Borosilicate 3.3 (Pyrex)
Dimensions 1500mm x 58mm ø
Frame Material Anodised Aluminium 3mm Wall Sections
Water Connections 1” BSP Male Thread (x2 Pairs)
  16 Solar Tubes 32 Solar Tubes 48 Solar Tubes
Installed Weight 109 KG 216 KG 325 KG