Nano Spa Heater

  • Suitable for all Spas 
  • Available in 1-kW ~ 6-kW 
  • Compact design 
  • Titanium heating element 
  • BS 316L stainless steel or Titanium flow tube 
£0 GBP
  • Easy to install
  • Robust
  • Compact design
  • Corrosion resistant titanium heating element
  • Available with titanium flow tube – suitable for sea water use
  • BS 316L stainless steel flow tube (EN1.4432) as standard
  • 3-year warranty
  • 100% operational efficiency throughout product life
Flexible and adaptable, the Elecro Nano Spa heater has been specifically designed to allow you to customise the product according to your individual requirements.

All Elecro electric heaters feature our unique and proven coiled heating element technology whereby a turbulent vortex is created in the water flow. This delivers outstanding efficiency and extended life expectancy by preventing the build up of mineral deposits on the heating element.
Multiple options are available to allow easy integration into any system.

Compact in design, robust and durable, the Elecro Nano Spa affords a tailor-made approach to your spa heating solution.
The Elecro Nano Spa heater is designed using a flow tube, which is fitted with inlet and outlet mouldings that are made from a specially formulated polymer alloy material.

Supplied as standard without any control circuit components, the Elecro Nano Spa heater gives you flexibility. You can choose as many or as few of the available options as per your individual requirements.
• Accuracy to 1˚C with analogue control (0~45˚C)
• Ultra-reliable flow switch allows safe operation as low as 1,000 litres per hour
• Thermal safety cut-out with 60˚C manual reset
• Pre-fitted NTC or PTC temperature detection probe
• Relay
• Control circuit output cable for easy integration into existing

Dependent on the optional extras you choose, the Elecro Nano Spa can be fitted with temperature detectors, controls and safety thermal cut-out options. A relay, power supply cable and control circuit output cable can also be provided if required, to enable easy integration into your existing spa control panel.
Power Supply 220~240V single phase
 Flow Requirement Minimum Flow: 1m³/hour
Maximum Flow: 17m³/hour
Heating Elements Titanium
Flow Tubes BS 316L Stainless Steel or Titanium
Wiring High temperature, silicone sheathed, multi-strand copper conductors  
Seals Special formula high temperature polymer
Water Connections 1½" BSP female thread supplied with:
1½" / 50mm ABS unions for rigid pipe
Working Pressure 4 bar maximum
Standards compliance European Electromagnetic Compatibility  directive
Harmonised standards The European Low Voltage Directive and The Harmonised Standard
Power Output
220V~240V 1Phase
Load (Amp) Standard Product Code
1-kW 5 N-SPA-1-R
2-kW 9 N-SPA-2-R
3-kW 13 N-SPA-3-R
4-kW 18 N-SPA-4-R
5-kW 22 N-SPA-5-R
6-kW 27 N-SPA-6-R