Elecro ET Transformer

• Manufactured in the UK
• Quality components and ultra-Reliable
• Safety thermal cut-out (manual reset)
• Can be used with any conventional lighting system
• Manufactured to IEC/EN 61558-2-6:2009 - IEC/EN 61558-1:2005
• Protection rating of IP65
• Built-in Fuse
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The Elecro ET 360 Watt transformer is a low voltage transformer designed for use with conventional underwater pool and spa lights. Equipped with high-quality safety features, it has four taps in the primary winding in order to compensate for any voltage drop and provide adequate brightness. This transformer is suitable for direct connection to underwater pool and spa lights. 
Item Code Product Name Output (W) Input (V)
TF-360 360W Elecro ET Transformador 360 (Max) 220 - 240