A roaring success in Lyon

Last week our team exhibited the biggest swimming pool and spa show of the year. Just like the other years it was a roaring success and there was a consistent flow customers to the stand. For the 4 days that our team was there we received over 140 new enquiries: 65% were from our neighbouring countires in Europe, 25% from Middle Eastern, African and Asian countries with the rest being made of from  other continents: Oceania and South America.

Like our other exhibitions (Interbad, Germany) there was strong interest shown in our latest water treatment range, our heat exchanger range especially the new designed heat plate exchanger and the powerful Thermecro Solar Radiation Heater.

Thank you to everyone who everyone who visited our stand. It was great to see some familiar faces again and for those who were not unable to attend we look forward to seeing you at the next event.