Strengthening relationships in Uzbekistan

During week 42 Anders Oberg visited our partner OOO Sharqona who are based in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

The first day was spent visiting numerous pool shops located in Tashkent during which the framework to further develop our partnership and long term plans were agreed.

The following 2 days our hosts had organised a fantastic trip for Anders allowing him to experience the tracks of the famous Silk Road. Only this time with the assistance of high speed trains and aircraft rather than camels and Bedouins.

Anders said “It was an extraordinary experience to view the beautiful buildings in the historical Silk Roads most legendary cities: Samarkand and Bukhara”
The trip was concluded with a visit to the museum named after Uzbekistan’s most famous son Amir Temur.

During the final day Anders presented our new range of revolutionary water treatment products; Quantum and Spectrum Hybrid, that were very well received.

Anders also said “I would personally like to take this opportunity to thank Babur and Zokir, the two brothers who own Sharqona, for their amazing hospitality and taking the time to show me their beautiful Country, all of the arrangements were perfect and I look forward to visiting Uzbekistan again in the future”