Quantum delivers powerful results at canine hydrotherapy centre

Elecro’s advanced water treatment system, the Quantum, has delivered outstanding results even within the very harsh and challenging environment of a canine hydrotherapy centre. Based on the same technology that converts sewage into potable water, it creates a photocatalytic reaction and hydroxyl radicals - the most powerful oxidising agent available. The Quantum provides significant cost savings, kills and oxidises all harmful waterborne organisms and beneficially works in complement to existing water treatment methods, enhancing their sanitisation properties and drastically lowering chemical consumption. The result? Ultimate levels of hygiene, and impressively, a reduction in chemical consumption by two thirds on a unit consuming 21% less power.
Client background
Swimming Pool Fitness (K9Surf) is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of canine hydrotherapy equipment, predominantly supplying to hydrotherapy centres, but also some veterinary practices, animal rescue centres, as well as directly to pet owners.
The challenge
1) Harsh Pool Environment

The pool is used by approximately 11-15 dogs per day, which means that the water quickly became polluted with animal hair, skin, dirt and urea, creating a very harsh environment that required a robust and effective sanitisation system.
To put this into context, even every human adds around 25ml of ‘body fluid analogue’ (BFA) to the water (BFA is a mixture of sweat and urine, plus skin and faeces that represents the average concentration of pollutants from swimmers) - 6.3% of which is urea.
2) Chemical Balance
It was important for Swimming Pool Fitness (K9Surf) to choose an effective sanitisation unit that would work with their existing treatment method – in this case Bromine. The Canine Hydrotherapy Association implements a standards guideline that a residual of 3PPM of bromine or chlorine must be present in the water.
Due to the nature of use within the pool, Elecro always recommend maintaining a residual of traditional chemical treatment to protect the water from any new contaminants introduced to the pool, that could enter the water waiting to be routed back through the sanitisation circuit; it also ensures that the pool sides, floor, static furniture and pipework are kept sanitised and free from germs.
The solution
Elecro’s powerful Quantum was the obvious choice: significantly more powerful than chlorine, hydrogen peroxide, UV or ozone, and unlike other available treatments it is completely safe, and has an immensely powerful effect due to its ability to instantaneously destroy all viruses, bacteria and pathogens. It is also the only technology capable of converting sun tan oil, urea and other contaminants back into their original, harmless molecular form. The perfect solution for such a challenging environment!
Previously Swimming Pool Fitness used a 70W standard UV unit and would dose the pool with bromine in the morning to 3PPM; the level of bromine would be monitored throughout the day, and topped up - overnight this would fall near to zero PPM. After installing the Quantum, a 55W unit, the level of bromine the following morning remained at around 2PPM; therefore, chemical consumption was cut by two thirds on a unit consuming 21% less power, ensuring considerably better results and significant savings for the pool owner.

  • 60% reduction in chemical consumption ensuring significant cost savings and reducing the amount of chemical stock required.
  • A further benefit of chemical reduction is that skin irritation, sore eyes, respiratory conditions and off-putting odours normally associated with chemical use are averted; particularly important in conditions such as this where the pool is used for treatment, recovery and therapy.
  • More effective results using a unit with 21% less power consumption
  • Photocatalytic oxidisation is the only technology that has the ability to break down organic matter such as urea and biofilm, and convert back into their harmless molecular form; necessary sanitising feature for all pool conditions due to the quantity of organic matter released unknowingly from a human, and even more so from an animal.
  • The most powerful and harmful bacteria, microorganisms and viruses killed and oxidised to an optimum level, even those normally resistant to traditional forms of treatment. Chemical treatments, like Bromine, break down rapidly in the presence of high contamination, which is why the levels were low each morning and night. The levels of contamination were too vast for the Bromine to deal with alone; the powerful photocatalytic reaction however vastly decreased the levels of contamination by killing the germs completely and at a faster rate.

Enabled the company to make a direct comparison to assess the effectiveness of the Quantum. 
David Brooks, Managing Director at Swimming Pool Fitness, said: “We have been extremely impressed with the effectiveness of the Quantum System. It has dramatically reduced the amount of bromine we were adding to the pool on a daily basis, and the device has aided the chemical by destroying all pollutants and microorganisms. We have only been adding between 10 to 25 per cent of what was previously required to maintain 3 PPM, saving chemical consumption and therefore money.”

“We have always used traditional UV, but the proven and tangible results of Quantum have shone through. We used to offer standard UV in our pool packages to customers, but now supply the Quantum instead – why provide a product half as effective when you can offer Quantum!”
“We pride ourselves on such quality and attention-to-detail with our product solutions, and it is refreshing to find a provider that does the same. I would have no hesitation in recommending Elecro.”