Positive visit to Neta Havuz in Turkey!

This weekend found Elecro in Antalya, visiting our customer Neta Havuz who are the leading wholesaler of swimming pool products in Turkey. Annually they hold a seminar for around 200 key installers to discuss the trends in swimming pool equipment and design, and this year Elecro were proud to be one of two invited guest companies to speak.

We were given the opportunity to introduce our new revolutionary Quantum sanitiser, sharing the key benefits and features of this photocatalytic oxidiser. Those attending the lecture were very interested to discover how the most powerful oxidiser on the market is able to destroy pathogens and pollutants found in pool water, simultaneously without using any form of chemistry or expelling dangerous gasses into the surrounding environment. Uniquely the Quantum is able to break down organic pollutants such as sun tan oil and urea and convert them back into their harmless molecular form; ensuring a safe, healthy and pure swimming pool experience.

Len, one of our Key Account Managers, held the discussion and we kindly received some great feedback from Mr. Tambay thanking Len for his “presentation in Antalya and (his) perfect performance.” The seminar involved an interesting exchange of ideas and discussion regarding the latest trends in the pool industry, and the evolution of water treatment from traditional residual chemicals such as chlorine to UV and Hydroxyl Radicals advancing to Photocatalytic Oxidisation. For more information on this please view our water treatment section on the website: http://www.elecro.co.uk/elecro-swimming-pool-water-treatment

We would like to thank Neta for having us and congratulations on a successful event!