Elecro invited as guest speaker at Folkpool event in Sweden

Elecro were in Sweden this week for a pre-season dealers’ seminar, hosted by Folkpool.
Folkpool are a large pool and spa manufacturer, as well as retailer and installer for a range of selective swimming pool products. With 32 dealers based throughout Sweden, they are still growing impressively year after year.
Elecro were invited to the seminar as a key speaker, to give an overview of our electric heaters; heat exchangers; solar heater; and water treatment products. The seminar consisted of four presentations to a group of around 25 delegates each time - with Clive, Elecro Director, providing demonstrations and an interaction session.
The delegates of Folkpools dealers asked astute and engaging questions, and their response was that they were impressed by the effective functionality of the range, with high quality components and easy operation, as well as the streamlined, engineered, contemporary look of the products. 
Thomas at Folkpool commented: “I want to say a big thanks to Clive of Elecro who made a very good impression on our dealers at our kick-off yesterday.”
In the evening Folkpool organised an Awards Ceremony with a quiz and dinner, all of which was impeccably organised and thoroughly enjoyable. We would like to thank Folkpool for organising a great event, and look forward to a lasting partnership.