Sales continue to exceed customer expectations in Australia

Always happy to welcome positive feedback we thought we would share some on the blog. Australian Spa Parts are welcoming a busy season, which has far surpassed their expectations. Actively promoting the Elecro product range through editorials and adverts as shown, sales are soaring. Our Australian partner is offering the digital Optima Compact, Titan Optima and G2 Heat Exchanger.

Whilst heat pumps are doing well in Australia, the other item of current interest are electric heaters and heat exchangers for use on pools and spas. Adrian Lacey, owner of Australian Spa Parts quoted: “The sales have been beyond our expectation since their introduction in October last year. This can be directly attributed to these heaters filling a gap in the market.”

Whilst our Electric Heaters are extremely effective in their own right, they can also be used as a back up to heat pumps, providing extra top up heat at the start and end of the season – or when ambient air temperatures are low and the heat pump performance is massively reduced. Installing an electric heater and heat pump together is now becoming widely accepted as the most efficient way of heating your pool.